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What kind of movies can I find on Grindhouse Theater?

GrindhouseTheater.com offers full-length feature films, documentary films, short films, and more from independent studios and filmmakers worldwide.

How do I watch a film via Grindhouse Theater?

Just go to http://GrindhouseTheater.com and enter the lobby. From the featured movies, either click “BUY TICKET” or “MORE INFO” and proceed with your secure online payment.

Do I need to register first before watching a film via Grindhouse Theater?

Registration is not required but recommended in GrindhouseTheater.com.

What are the technical requirements?

Grindhouse Theater supports PC, MAC, Android and IOS devices, with a minimum internet connection of 1.5 mbps.

From where is it possible to view films via Grindhouse Theater?

Grindhouse Theater is available worldwide wherever there is an Internet connection.

Can I watch through mobile networks?

Yes for both 3G and 4G networks with enough bandwidth and if your provider allows live streams.

How can I retrieve my username and password?

Your username is the e-mail address that you provided when purchasing a movie ticket at GrindhouseTheater.com. A new password can be requested here.

Are my personal details secure with Grindhouse Theater?

Yes. All secure online payments are made via Fireball Cart on YourPaymentLink.com and a secure socket layer through PayPal.com. We take data security seriously and guarantee that your personal details remain secure and we will not share them with third parties without your consent.

How many times can I watch a film via Grindhouse Theater?

Your movie ticket is valid for one real-time screening and one extra screening in the event that you cannot attend the live screening or you had issues while watching through the first screening. Contact us anytime you need assistance.

How is the cost for the streaming charged?

You need an Internet connection to access GrindhouseTheater.com and we recommend that you use an Internet connection with flat rate. The cost of your movie ticket does not include the costs of streaming which is charged by your Internet service provider.